How to Play
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    Game Setup
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    The Boon
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    Playing a Trick
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    Winning a Trick
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    Winning a Round
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    Winning the Game
What is the Boon?
The Boon is a pile of cards a player may use to gain an advantage and improve his hand. When a player takes the Boon, he becomes a solo player against every- one else. For the rest of the round, all other players are united on a defensive team against the solo player who took the Boon.
Strategy Tip
If more than half of your hand is made of trump cards, consider taking the Boon!
Taking the Boon

After the cards are dealt, the player to the left of the dealer has the choice to take the Boon and use its cards.

If the player takes the Boon, he then chooses 3 cards (for 3-player mode) or 4 cards (for 4-player mode) to put face down into his points pile. These points count toward his score at the end of the round.

Now all of the other players are on a defensive team against the solo player who took the Boon.

If a player chooses not to take the Boon, the opportunity passes to the next clockwise player who now has the same opportunity. This keeps repeating for all players until either someone takes the Boon or all players pass on it.

If nobody takes the Boon, the game goes into Leaster Mode.

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